Monday, August 13, 2007


There I was trying to improve the old blog, when it went crash bang wallop and I lose everything.
Ah, sure most of it was probably rubbish anyway.
Naturally, it was all my own fault.
But, to be honest, I think I've come a long way from working on dodgy typewriters - not forgetting to make a carbon copy of my stories - and supervising printers putting hot metal pages together to managing to establish a blog.

It is a wonderful thing that, these days, journalism is not the sole preserve of journalists. Anybody in the world, with access to a computer, can be a journalist.
I haven't the slightest doubt, that someday in the very near future, I'll make a complete hames of this blog again.
But, sure, what of it?
I would encourage everyone to set up their own blog.
And if you havent done it already, log on to and do it.
There are two great things about it.
Firstly, it's free.
And secondly, if you ever get fed up with it, it's very, very easy to delete your own blog.
As I, sadly, can testify.

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