Monday, August 27, 2007


The world is full of Paddy Murrays. We are, it seems, as common as muck.
I was in college with one.
I drank with one.
I work with two.
I wondered, then, where the others were. So I conducted a search.
And I found 86.
Here they are.

1. An auctioneer West Cork
2. A Coolderry GAA Club member in Offaly in 1911
3. A player with St Mochtas, Darrarh Cross Co Down GAA club
4. A breadmaker in Bunadoon, Australia
5. Hon Sec of Kilkenny Golf Club
6. A top-class handball player from Dublin
7. The founder and Director of Proassured Ireland Ltd.
8. A republican dissident, Belfast
9. The manager of Ainslie Village, Canberra, Australia
10. A runner from Mayo. Fourth in five mile race in Athenry on my last birthday.

11. A Kildare GAA player
12. A New York policeman in 1917.
13. The Antrim GAA goalkeeper.
14. A priest in Roscommon.
15. A docker in Belfast at turn of 19th century.
16. A 31 year old Bebo pager from Tallaght.
17. MD of Murray Timber Products.
18. A Belfast lawyer.
19. A Cullagh, Ballinasloe GAA player.
20. A survivor of Cleggan Bay disaster of 1927.
21. A player with Drumalee, Co Cavan GAA club in 1934.
22. An expert in labour law, Dublin.
23. The HR director at Fintel Publications Dublin.
24. The founder of Daydream Resort, South Molle Island, Australia.
25. A fisherman, Mullingar.
26. The President of Strokestown Golf Club Co Roscommon.
27. The Dancing Genius on Youtube.
28. The young son of the proprietor of Grove Garden centre, Connecticut.
29. The father of composer and musician Martin Murray.
30. An ancestor of someone called Ginni Swanton, who lived in thr 1880s
31. Soccer player who scored a goal for Hibs against Hearts on New Years day 1895. Hearts won 6-1.
32. Man who ran a band called The Marines Showband in the 1960s.
33. The head lad in Arkle’s stable from Moate Co Westmeatn
34. A bodyguard for gangster Hymie Weiss, both gunned down and killed by Al Capone’s hitmen in broad daylight in Chicago in 1926.
35. An annual trophy in Clonmel Golf Club.
36. An Australian counsellor who specialises in male intimacy.
37. The Vice Chairman of the St Patrick’s Day Parade Run in St Louis.
38. An Irish horse breeder.
39. A juvenile Committee member, St Gall’s Gaa Club Belfast
40. A member of Ballinacourty Fife and Drum band in the 1950s.
41. The master Painter for making of movie Excalibur.
42. A committee member, Loughinisland GAA Club
43. A trainee Finance Officer in Disability Action, Northern Ireland.
44. Half of DJ team Divine Intervention from Clonmellon Co Meath
45. The Chairman, Rathcoole Community Centre Dublin
46. The person in charge of stand-by props for the movie The Nephew
47. A member of Veterans, Peacekeepers and Families in Australia
48. A half caste male aged 15 yrs at Mount Wells, house boy in Northern Territories, Australia in 1926.
49. A character in Australian medical drama, MDA
50. A guitarist in bands Rosita and These Animal Men
51. A Mini Cooper racing car driving, Kent.
52. A potato and Coal market owner, Cork.
53. An artist, New South Wales.
54. A gilley in Kildare.
55. A rugby, cricket and Liverpool FC fan, aged 24, living in Linvingston, Scotland.
56. Someone who is something in IBEC
57. An English stonemason.
58. The former caretaker at the church of St Peter in Chains in Ardrossan, Scotland.
59. An Athlone historian
60. A plumber in Wexford.
61. A Senator in Virginia, USA
62. An architect in Zambia
63. My late uncle, Parish priest in Newtownpark Avenue.
84. A colleague 1 in Independent Newspapers
65. A colleague 2 in Independent Newspapers.
66. A fellow student in Commerce faculty in UCD in 1972.
67. A therapist in Bunadoon Australia
68. A 23 year old bloke in Niles, Michigan.
69. A commerce teacher, Tubbercurry, 1945/
70. A priest from Co Kildare who was chaplainto the London Irish Heritage Centre in 1965.
71. A doctor in England
72. A GAA player from Raheny
73. A chap in Kilcolgan, Co Galway
74. A rugby player for Skipton, RFC
75. A Bohs fan.
76. A WWII pilot in a group known as the Odd Bods
77. A student in Killure National School, 1924
78. A boxing fan in Newcastle England.
79. A member of Dublin branch of Man City Suppporters’ Club
80. A Coupe car fan from Scotstown, Ireland.
81. The co-author of a book called Word Procesisng on Disc.
82. A former national school teacher from Coolgreaney Co Wexford.
83. A22-year old chap from Linwood, Scotland.
84. The chairman of Waterford Branch of Paychiatric Nurses’ Aaaociation
85. A member of the Rice Cup winning Hurling team in Templemore in 2005

Any more?


Anonymous said...

And what about the actor who played Mickey Pearse in Only Fools and Horses?

Cian said...

I wonder how many of those listed are the same person.

As far as I know, I'm the only person to turn up with my name on Google or other search sites - it's probably not a positive thing.

murray said...

i am a murray that lives in pa in hanover i go to college for computer tec and i havent seen anyone out here with my last name only people on buildings and water towers thats it

Anonymous said...

my names paddy murray from walterstown in meath. I am the grandson of number 33, paddy murray who was the head lad in dreapers yard and looked after Arkle