Friday, May 9, 2008

The Great Abortion Lie

Science never ceases to amaze me. Mankind progresses at an astounding rate.
All over the world, experts of all sorts work daily trying to find ways of keeping us all alive longer.
Indeed, some of the treatments I now receive for my own condition, didn’t exists a few years ago.
It's what makes me think.
It baffles me that there are still scientists and others in the medical profession who believe their mission in life is to aid the death of others.
In the United States, and no doubt elsewhere, doctors and scientists work relentlessly to think up new ways of executing prisoners. They say they want to execute them ‘humanely’. Which is impossible because you cannot execute humanely any being that can think and knows what is to happen to it.

In England recently they announced that they are going to experiment with what you might call ‘quickie’ abortions in doctors’ surgeries.
So you might have one worker in an office nipping out for a coffee at lunchtime and another nipping out to kill their unborn child.
There is a great myth perpetuated by self-styled feminists around this issue and it surrounds their glib advertising slogan about ‘a woman’s right to choose.’
In this country, they try to stir the emotions by going on about incest and rape but they rarely if ever reveal the fact that, what they want is abortion on demand up to and including 24 weeks, past the time when a baby is viable outside the womb.
And you may notice that when women are pregnant, even a couple of months, people ask them how the baby is. They never enquire about the health of the foetus or the embryo, words those who favour abortion use to to avoid using the word ‘baby.’
You may or may not know, that the 'liberal' New York Times never uses the phrase 'partial birth abortion' in its headlines. Because although it supports the barbarous practice - which is too nauseating to describe here - it knows that the name of the procedure itself is so disgusting that it would turn the stomachs of its readers.
What those who favour abortion mean by a woman’s right to choose is this.
Whilst they berate men who fail to act responsibly and take precautions when engaging in intercourse, they believe no such onus should apply to women.
Instead, women, they believe, can engage in unprotected sex and then nip off to kill the resulting life at their convenience.
And that’s what it is. If a foetus is alive it is life. If it is alive before an abortion and dead after it, it has been killed.
Kidnapping of people for torture by the United States is called 'extraordinary rendition.'
Hitler called the holocaust “The Final Solution.’
It's what people do when they know what they're doing, what they're promoting is unpleasant or just plain wrong.
Feminists describing abortion as “The Right to Choose’ is the same kind of lie.


Gray said...

It's another easy way out in a society that is always seeking a way to avoid consequences for their actions.

Anonymous said...

The usual half-baked nonsense. It is a woman's right to choose, whether odious dimwitted Christians like you think so or not. An embryo is a clump of cells, get over it.

Paddy's World said...

Not one bit surprised the last comment is a gutless, anonymous one.
Which of course comes from a human being who is, like an embryo, just a bunch of cells.

Anonymous said...

I am an embryo Paddy, I'm logging on from inside a Petri dish!

Paddy's World said...

Still anonymous. Still gutless. Your understanding of science is about on par with your understanding of decency and morality. Children do not exist, or otherwise, for your entertainment or that of any other human. They are humans. If a woman wishes to have the right to choose, she has - in almost all circumstances and please don't get emotional talking of rape and incest - the choice to do so or not to do so. Irresponsible sexual activity should not result in the murder of a child. You mock when I talk of cells. Everything is just a bunch of cells. Though your brain may well be an exception. Paddy

Brian said...

It's mildly embarassing to see you talk about knowledge of science when it's clear you don't have a clue. You're a glorified taxi-driver rousing journalist, not a scientist. The fact remains it should be a woman's right to choose up to a number of weeks, and it will be one day, when God-botherers like you who don't understand science are dead and gone. It is not murdering a child. Save your tabloid headlines for your Sunday World guff. It is not independent life.

"There's no point arguing with an idiot, he'll bring you down to his level and beat you with experience"

Also, my comment is anonymous because I don't have a blogger account. I don't feel the need to document every minute detail of an uninteresting life, unlike you. Good day to you. Keep preaching to the converted.

Paddy's World said...

Good man. Great selection of insults there.
So if we're not all bunches of cells, you might explain what we are, what with your deep knowledge of science. Abortion is lazy. It's the result of carelessness, stupidity and a total disdain for life. As for God botherers, there are more of us than you may think. Many Christians, and indeed, subscribers to other faiths, are also scientists. But then, there's you thinking belief in one excludes the other. Even Richard Dawkins acknowledges that he cannot prove God doesn't exist. Even he can't explain that,if there was indeed a Big Bang, what it was that went bang or where it came from. Open your mind. Unless you already have an it's escaped.

Brian said...

Have you even read Dawkins? Anyway, it is not for him to prove that God doesn't exist.

Just like it isn't for me to prove that the Loch Ness monster doesn't exist.

A true scientist will assess every claim on the realtive evidence. You believe in a god and will never believe otherwise. Dawkins himself, if evidence materialised in the morning proving that a God is likely to exist, would immediately concede that a God is likely to exist. He is operating from evidence, you from blind faith. There's no point in discussing this anyway, you believe in God and I do not (at least not the Christian version or any version suggested thus far)

You believe abortion is wrong because of faith in God. So why the need to dress it up as if you are making an objective argument? Totally one-sided stuff, worthy of the Daily Mail. For shame. Apologies for the personal insults, but I found your article mysogynistic and offensive.

Brian said...

"Whilst they berate men who fail to act responsibly and take precautions when engaging in intercourse, they believe no such onus should apply to women.
Instead, women, they believe, can engage in unprotected sex and then nip off to kill the resulting life at their convenience."

I find that idea very horrifying. I can safely say that the majority of women in Ireland and elsewhere would find the idea of having an abortion terrifying and would go out of their way to take precautions. I sincerely doubt that all women are the flippant, murderous dangerous-sex partakers that you claim.

Paddy's World said...

Mysogyny? Why do you assume that all women favour abortion? That's a bit of a step. Why make the claim that a foetus is not capable of independent life and so is worthless? Are people in comas worthless? Those with Alzheimers?
And yes, while I do have faith, my belief in God is also evidence based.
I don't expect you'd accept any of the evidence. But it's there.